It's ok to cry and express how you feel after loving and losing.  No one  really understands your thoughts, emotions, pain or  the weight of the world that you feel from losing your spouse/partner. 

As you manage your days to come understand that you have to do what's best for you to get through .  If you feel that the advice someone is giving you may not be beneficial to your life  or to the life of your children's then don't do it.  Don't do anything to soon or make decisions you may regret later in life.  Take all the time you need to grieve and heal your heart and never think that there is a time limit to do such. 

Know that you are thought of often, loved and will get through these days to come.  

Having no support from those you  thought loved you dearly makes it harder to heal after loving and losing a spouse. Join us with supporting & encouraging widow/widowers with and without children across our global community.

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For Andrea Harper-Ross it was devastating and  traumatic for her and her daughter when she lost her husband in a tragic motorcycle
accident on June 21, 2009. It was
extremely difficult but she found
healing and hope in helping others. She  decided that she wanted to do something to help others who had lost a love one. Andrea created  Sowing Seeds Inc., a non-profit organization  that is devoted to passionately advocating for the widow/widower, and their children (who are under-represented members of our global family).  

Sowing Seeds Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. Your support is essential to provide good assistance to widowed families struggling to make ends meet.

Locally, Sowing Seeds, Inc.  is a vocal advocate for widows/widowers and children that has loss a parent. We are dedicated to helping children and families in their time of need.

​​As you learn to manage life understand that you are not alone and someone cares for you and want you to have peace as you create a new norm for you and your family.  Being a young widow/widower with children can be a challenge. As you have people that will be there for your during the moments and days to come you will get through those difficult days ahead.   You must have the desire to continue on this journey even though some days may seem long and unbearable for you and your family.

Locally, SOWING SEEDS, INC is a vocal advocate for widows and widowers. We are dedicated to helping children and families in their time of need.. 

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We are always looking to do something special for  children who have lost a parent.  Make your contribution now so that we can help a child or a widower/widower in a community near you.


those who have lost a loved one and make a difference in your community.


Sowing Seeds

Sowing Healing, Help & Hope
​501 ​(c) 3 Non-profit Organization